Life After College: Oahu

Ryan is a Special Education Teacher for Elementary Students in Oahu, Hawaii. Ryan's job entails educating students with mild to severe disabilities, in academics, social interactions, and overall personal development. Learn about Ryan's career path and how he chose to be in the education field.


Diego is a Pro Tennis Instructor in Kahuku, Hawaii (on the North Shore) at the Turtle Bay Resort. Having gone pro himself at a young age, Diego decided to instruct up and coming athletes instead. See how his day consists of surfing, instructing tennis on his own dedicated court, and chilling. What a life!


Dana is a music teacher at a school in Kailua, Hawaii. With a background in music education from Ithaca College, her passion has always been to teach music to students. And with her determinationi she has become a full-time teacher at her school in Kailua (the only full time employee).