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How to Train a New #Corgi #Puppy #Dog Different Commands and Clicker Training! In addition I announce Winners of the Giveaway, Read Fanmail, Cook Ramen, go to a Dog Party, Get New Banggai Cardinal Fish, and Walk the Dog with the Halo LED Collars!


Get Study Tips from an Ivy League Student (Cornell University) How to Study | ALSO: Visiting Golden Gate Bridge BEST VIEW, Fan Mail, Ukulele Trio, and Corgi Hike. Study Tips include how to take notes, note cards, study guide, and prepare for a text/exam.


Today I do a full Apartment Room Tour so you can catch up on anything you missed. This includes all things Corgi!


I've given college study tips, now I reflect on the most useful courses to take in college based on their use after college. And as always, get tons of Corgi Action with Gatsby!


Today I share my story about the Nightmare College Report I had to write in College (400 page Marketing Plan). I'm getting stressed just thinking about it.