Today is the NorCal CorgiCon (Corgi Convention Meet Up Gathering) in San Francisco Ocean Beach with hundreds of Corgis. One of the largest corgi gatherings! Today the VLOG also turns 3!

Features of this Episode:

– VlogAfterCollege Turns 3
– Gatsby Plays with the iFetch Automatic Ball Launcher
– Driving to the 3rd CorgiCon to meet up with hundreds of Corgis (Gatsby is so excited)
– Corgi Chaos! Corgis Everywhere!
– Signing in at the Corgi Meet Up
– Gatsby has tons of Fans!
– Gatsby the Corgi loves to get pet
– The most Corgis in one place
– Corgis on the Beach
– Frapping on the beach
– Corgi Group Photo
– Corgi Costume Contest
– Corgi Races
– Meeting Fans at Corgi Con
– Corgi Bathtime
– Golds Gym Workout
– Getting Ganondorf Amiibo from Amazon UK
– Amiibo Collection Wave 5 A
– Making Spaghetti with Rosemary and Thyme
– Gatsby Corgi’s Fan Letter
– Thank you! Vlog Turns 3
– the website I was programming is updated with my vlog footage! Check it out!