Today’s 500th Episode is a #DayInTheLife #Routine with a #Corgi #Dog! We do a dog agility obstacle course, cook a spicy tuna rice bowl, go Pokemon Go hunting, Gym Workouts, and More!

Features of this Episode:


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– Morning Routine: Bed, Bath, Corgi
– Protein Pancakes for Breakfast: 3 egg whites, 2 eggs, 1/2 cup old fashioned oats, a lot of cinnamon
– Feeding the Red Sea Max C-250 Saltwater Aquarium + Supplements
– Dog Food (Acana, Dinovite, Trudog’s Boost)
– My Ukulele from Home (Just the way you are) with a Smiling Corgi
– Preworkout (Pre Jym), Golds Gym Workout in Strong Lift Wear Stringer – Back and Chest
– Post-Workout Routine
– Dog’s Potty Routine
– Opening Fanmail PO Box: Pokemon Cafe, Birthday Presents, Fan Art, Hawaii Snacks
– Gatsby playing with Secret Life of Pets Dog Toy
– Grocery Shopping Haul at Asian Market for Spicy Tuna Rice Bowl: Sushi Grade Tuna, Pickled Vegetables, Green Onions, Shiso Leaf, Radish Sprouts, Kewpie Mayonnaise, Avocado
Bay Area K9 Association Dog Training Center and Agility Course
– Corgi Attempts Dog Agility Obstacle Course (Corgi Ninja Warrior)
– Making a Spicy Tuna Ahi Tuna Sushi Rice Bowl: Mayonnaise + Sriracha Sauce
– Pokemon Go Hunting with Shawnsecrets
– Night Bedtime Routine