Reviewing my Collection of Gym Clothes & Fit: Gym Shark, Strong Lift Wear, Body Engineers, Gym Aesthetics, Aesthetic Revolution, Rise Above Fitness, Physique Bodyware (stringers, tanks, leggings, shorts) and giving a closet tour! Amiibo Hunting for Mewtwo, Aquarium shopping, and Ninebot Footage too!

Features of this Episode:

(get 30% off with “Gatsby” promo code) Halo Belt LED belts & Dog Collars
Bomber Barrel Gym Bag
– Golds Gym Workout
– Gym Gear Clothing Review
– Guy’s Closet Tour
– Strong Lift Wear Stringer Tanks and Lift Shorts (squatting shorts)
– Body Engineers T-shirt, Stringer Tanks, Jacket
– Gym Shark Tank, Compression Leggings
– Rise Above Fitness T-Shirt and Tank
– Physique Bodyware Tank and Shorts
– Gym Aesthetics Stringer Tank and Hoodie
– Aesthetic Revolution Stringer Tank, Camo Pants
– Corgi Dog Bed
– Hunting Mewtwo Amiibo at Best Buy
– Mewtwo Pokemon Amiibo Collection
– Full Amiibo Collection
– Sneaker Cleaner
– Vacuuming Corgi Dog
– Neptune Aquatics Saltwater Aquarium Store
– Dogs Playing at the Park in their Halo Belt LED Dog Collars: Giant Chuck It Ball
– Target Shopping (checking out the amiibos)
– Riding Ninebot One E+ around Santana Row Outdoor Mall
– Video on my Second Channel: How to Make Udon (

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