My Corgi Puppy Dog LOVES Playing in the Snow! Today I take him sledding in Tahoe during Christmas for the first time! Watch our Christmas Vacation in the Snow!

Features of this Episode:

– Corgi dog is so excited for Road Trip
– Driving up to Tahoe
– Touring our Tahoe Cabin for Christmas
– Christmas Day Snow
– Corgi Dog Playing in the Snow on Christmas Morning
– My sister arrives
– Opening Christmas Presents
– Corgi Dog Playing in the Snow
– Sledding in the Snow with a Corgi Dog
– Driving to the Beach in the Snow
– Hard Rock Hotel & Casino’s Jambalaya
– Hiking in the snow at Emerald Bay
– Corgi Snow Angel
– Beautiful Views of Tahoe
– Tahoe Vista Sunset View
– Corgi is Exhausted
– Christmas Dinner & Dessert
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