Today I prepare to get Gatsby Neutered + catch up with all the movies I’ve been watching! It’s a full day.

Features of this Episode:

– Singing to my Corgi Puppy Dog
– Corgi Allergies are gone (paws have fur again!)
– Visiting Gatsby’s Best Friend: Jack the French Bulldog
– Playing at the Dog Park
– Corgi Dog Reacts to Crying Baby
– News: Gatsby is getting Neutered Tomorrow
– Preparing to Neuter Gatsby
– Visiting the Pet Store to grab a Soft Cone
– Comfy Cone for dogs & Beams Fish Skins
– Making Japanese Soba Noodles as a Snack
– ShawnSecrets visits to play with Gatsby and show off his Amiibos
– Amiibo Collection
– Making Spaghetti for Dinner
– Reviewing Movies: Skeleton Twins, Tammy, Birdman, and Whiplash
– Watch Whiplash!
– Getting Ready for Bed