Witness My Pembroke Welsh Corgi Dog’s Happiest Moment In His Life: Playing alone on the beach during our road trip up the Pacific Coast (at multiple beaches and redwood forest). Vlog also includes a Thanksgiving house/mansion tour.

Features of this Episode:

– Made it to Seattle: Combining all of the Vlog Footage into Today’s Vlog
– Leaving Mendocino: Dog Road Trip
– Driving Through a Redwood Tree: Chandelier Tree
– Hiking a Redwood Forest in Arcadia with Gatsby the Corgi
– Arrived in Oregon at Bandon Beach Cabins
– Gatsby the Corgi loves to Run on the Beach
– Tony’s Crabshack
– Corgi Dog’s Crazy Energy on the Beach
– Back on the Road to Yachats Beach
– Corgi Chases Crows at the Beach
– Corgis at Hotel
– Driving to Washington
– Corgi in the Mirror
– Olympia Washington Farmer’s Market (Apples, Mushrooms, and Breakfast)
– Arriving in Seattle
– Corgi’s House/Mansion Tour
– Lake View House
– Dancing with a Corgi
– Family Time