Going on a Vacation Road Trip with My Corgi Dog Up The Pacific California Coast. Gatsby the Pembroke Welsh Corgi is in Heaven. Also trying out a Buzzfeed Recipe: Nutella Rolls!

Features of this Episode:

– Going on a Road Trip with Gatsby the Corgi up to Seattle (Driving up the California Coast)
– Pembroke Welsh Corgi is Ready for a Trip
– Crossing the Golden Gate Bridge
– Eating at Fish. Restaurant in Sausalito
– Corgi on the Docks
– Mendocino Botanical Gardens
– Snakes, Vegetables, Dinosaurs, and Corgis at Mendocino Botanical Gardens – Do you get all of my Literary References? 😉
– Exploring Mendocino City in the Off Season (it’s empty)
– Going on a Food Eating Tour
– This is like a Series of Unfortunate Events The Wide Window! (Damocles Dock and Lake Lachrymose)
– Staring out at the Ocean
– Grabbing some Fish and Chips at the Docks
– Hotel Cabin Tour we’re Staying at
– Gatsby’s Eye has healed
– Wild Fish Restaurant
– Gatsby says Good Night
– Trying out a Buzzfeed Recipe: Nutella Rolls