I go hunting for the iPhone 6S @ Apple Stores & hunt the Amiibo Retro 3-Pack (ROB, Mr. Game & Watch, and Duck Hunt) unboxing. Gatsby the Corgi has an epic Dog Playtime with his LED collar. And I show off my new Super Mario Maker Stage!

Features of this Episode:

Super Mario Maker Stage Course ID: 1F47-000-007B-78CC
(get 30% off with “Gatsby” promo code)
Bomber Barrel Gym Bag http://www.bomberco.com/
Halo Belt LED belts http://www.halobelt.com
– Going Hunting for the iPhone 6S
– SUPER long lines at the Apple Store
– AT&T Store had the iPhone 6S with No Line
– Updating my Phone and checking out the iPhone 6S new features
– Amiibo Retro 3-Pack Unboxing: Duck Hunt, Mr. Game & Watch, and R.O.B.
– Entire Amiibo Collection Showcase
– Unlocking Amiibos in Wii U Super Mario Maker
– Cleaning the Apartment
– Chicken and Rice for Lunch
– Corgi Under His Bed
– Bomber Barrel Gym Bag
– Golds Gym Workout in Body-Engineers and Aesthetic Revolution Gear
– Bodybuilding Bulking Grocery Shopping
– Grilling Steak
– Fitness Update: eating 5 meals per day
– Super Mario Maker Gatsby’s Dream Stage Course ID: 1F47-000-007B-78CC
– Halo Belt LED Dog Collar
– Corgi Plays with Labradors in the Park at Sunset
– Tug of War Dogs
– Steak, Mashed Potatoes, and Salad for Dinner