Sharing my Fitness Routine and Body Maintenance to stay Healthy and Fit including Cooking Full Meals, Workout Routine, and Outdoor Activities with my Corgi Dog.

Features of this Episode:

– Corgi Smile
– Morning Routine
– Cooking Protein Pancake for Breakfast: 5 eggs (3 egg whites), 1/2 cup old fashioned oats, cinnamon
– Massage Tools: Foam Roller (Amazon: Link), Shiatsu neck Massage from Brookstone, Pure Wave Massager (Amazon: Link), Beastie Ball
– Feeding Red Sea Max C250 Aquarium Update (Melanurus Wrasse)
– Bomber Barrel Gym Bag 30% off with “Gatsby” as promotional Code:
– Gym Workout Routine: Flat Chest Press, Machine Chest Flys, Close Grip Pull Downs, Wide Grip Lat Pulldowns, Cable Rows, Machine Rows, High Rows, Lateral Raises (Shoulders), Incline Chest Press, Hammer Strength Lat Extensions, Bicep Curls, Rear Delt Extension, One-Arm Cable Tricep Extension, Straight Arm Lat Pulldowns, Incline Cable Flys
– Post Workout Recovery supplement: Cell-Mass
– Life Wipes: Link
– Hanging out by the Pool
– Protein Shake Dance with Real Gains Weight Gainer Protein by Universal
– Roy Amiibo Unboxing (Amiibo Collection)
– Chili Omelet for Lunch (Chili Recipe)
– Dog Sofa from Snoozer Pet Products “Gatsbysfriends” gets 15% off until 4/15/16 at
– Going on a Hike at Fremont Older Open Space Preserve to Hunter’s Point
– Hike of Death Vlog: Watch
– Hiking with a Corgi
– View of Silicon Valley
– Grocery Shopping at Asian Market Mitsuwa
– Cooking Shioyaki Salmon Dinner with Daikon, Rice, Soy Sauce, and Broccoli
– Protein Shake Bottles in the Dish Washer
– Corgi Sleeping
– Red Sea Max Saltwater Aquarium Extended Footage with Coral and Fish