Setup of My New Saltwater Nano Reef Aquarium Red Sea Max C-250 Fish Tank after the Cycle with my Corgi Dog. Go Shopping for Coral, Adding Clownfish, and my Water Change Setup! ALSO: Ninebot, Cooking, Lucas Amiibo, and More!

Features of this Episode:

(get 30% off with “Gatsby” promo code): Halo Belt LED Dog Collar
– Filming my 3rd Red Sea Max C-250 Saltwater Reef Aquarium Update!
Aquarium Update #1
Aquarium Update #2
– Adding Female Clownfish to my New Aquarium (Transferring Fish)
– Clownfish Hosting
– Going Shopping at Neptune Aquatics Local Fish Store for new Corals
– Torch Coral, Plating Montipora Cap (Monti Cap), and Ultra Frogspawn
– Current Tank Setup
– Corgi Butt Pinch Chase
– Golds Gym Workout in Strong Lift Wear
– Cleanup Crew
– Clownfish Hosting Frogspawn
– Funny way to get Clownfish to Host Anemone (Tape Pictures to Aquarium)
– Dogs Playing in Park (with Tenby)
– LED Dog Collars: (get 30% off with “Gatsby” promo code) Halo Belt LED Dog Collar:
– Unboxing Lucas Amiibo
– Making Meatsauce Spaghetti for Dinner
– Corgi and the Carrot
– Saltwater Aquarium Water Change Setup
– Mixing Saltwater Coral Pro Salt (from Red Sea)
– Saltwater Aquarium Overheating Clip On Fan (Lasko Clip Stick)
– No Spill Water Change Hose
– Performing a Water Change on my Reef Aquarium
– Riding on the Ninebot One-Wheel Hoverboard at Night Ninebot One E+ Model
– Aquarium with Actinic Lights at Night (Fluorescent Coral)