Island Hopping for a Day in the Big Island Hawaii (Hilo) to Hike Kilauea Iki Volcano Crater!

Features of this Episode:

– Waking up at 4AM to Island Hop to the Big Island
– Hiking in the Volcano in the Big Island
– Honolulu International Airport (Hawaiian Airlines)
– 50 minute flight to the big island from Oahu
– Landing in the Big Island
– Hilo International Airport
– Renting a Car in Hilo
– Driving around The Big Island
– Mauna Kea the tallest mountain in the USA
– Eating breakfast in the Big Island (Smoked Salmon Eggs Benedict)
– Entering Volcano National Park
– Steam Vents from the volcano
– View from Kilauea Iki Volcano crater
– Hiking Kilauea Iki Volcano Crater Hike
– Sights and Sounds of Nature in Hawaii
– Inside the Volcano Crater
– Lava Rocks
– Hiking in a Volcano
– Steam Vents from the Volcano
– Going Inside a Lava Tube
– Coffee Chocolate Cheesecake
– Hawaii Volcano Observatory
– Viewing Smoke from the Volcano
– Pele the God of the Volcano
– Explaining how Hawaiian islands formed
– Eating dinner with a view of the ocean (Fish and Chips)
– Back at Hilo Airport
– Back to Honolulu Airport
– Back to Oahu after a long day