How to Train a New #Corgi #Puppy #Dog Different Commands and Clicker Training! In addition I announce Winners of the Giveaway, Read Fanmail, Cook Ramen, go to a Dog Party, Get New Banggai Cardinal Fish, and Walk the Dog with the Halo LED Collars!

Features of this Episode:

CORGI ON FLEEK T-SHIRTS: Promo Code ($5 Off 2+ Shirts): “TAKE5NOW” – Expires May 18th, 2016 NEW COLORS!!!
Halo LED Dog Collars “GATSBY” = 30% Off @

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– Cuddling/Snuggling with a Corgi Dog
– Corgi Dog Training Video
– Establish Yourself as the Leader to the Dog (make sure your dog respects you)
– Calm & Assertive
– Clicker Training a Dog
– Commands: Down, Heel, Bring it Back/Fetch
– Expose Puppy to Vacuum Cleaner, Hair Dryer, Big Dogs, Clipping Nails
– Announcing the 5 Winners of the Corgi On Fleek T-Shirt Giveaway
– New T-Shirt Colors!
– Visiting Bay Area Coral Coral Shop
– Two New Banggai Cardinal Fish for my Red Sea Max C-250 Saltwater Reef Aquarium
– Aquarium Update and Feeding Fish
– Going to a BBQ Dog Friend Party at the Park (Playing Corn Hole)
– Golds Gym Workout in Strongliftwear Stringer and Aesthetic Revolution Sweatpants
– PO Box Fanmail: Reading and opening all Fan Mail!
– Making Chicken Ramen with Baby Bok Choy
– DO’s and DON’Ts for Training your Dog
– Eating MOD Pizza for Dinner with ShawnSecrets
– At McDonalds to do a Buzzfeed Collaboration video: Watch Here
– Walking Gatsby at Night in the Halo Belt LED Dog Collar – Good Night!