Taste Testing Cringy #Kale Snacks at Whole Foods (#WholeFoods #Tastetest)

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– Rating all Kale Products at Whole Foods
– Whole Foods Grocery Haul
– Kale Chips (Cheezy Kale), Kale Juice, Kale Baby Food, Kale Cereal, Kale Teething Wafers, Kale Fruit Leathers, Kale Salad, Kale Popsicle, Kale Ice Pop
– Corgi Eats Kale Chips
– Vacuuming Apartment
– Corgi Conquers Dog Chess Puzzle Toy
– www.CorgiOnFleek.com (Corgi Calendar Update) Post your favorite photo from the calendar
– Golds Gym Workout in Gym Shark & Aesthetic Revolution
– Red Sea Max C-250 Saltwater Reef Aquarium Update (Clownfish, Melanurus Wrasse, Yellow Tang, Flame Angel)
– Goniopora, Cynarina, Glasto, Zoanthids, Acans, Galaxea, Chalice, Monti Cap
– Villa Montalvo Hike with Corgi
– Cooking Hello Fresh Dinner: Yogurt Marinated Chicken: onion, garlic, zuccini, chicken, yogurt, berbere, salt and pepper, olive oil, basmati rice, chicken stock concentrate, lemon zest, cilantro
– Use code “Gatsby” for $35 off your first order!
– Doing Laundry
– Opening Fan Mail; I am not Ryan Higa from Nigahiga

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