Corgi Road Trip to VidCon and Corgi Beach Day in Los Angeles! Celebrating my birthday on the road.

Features of this Episode:

– Getting ready to drive down to LA from NorCal
– Corgi Dog Car Setup
– Driving down i-5 freeway
– Tita’s Pupuseria Ristorante
– It’s My Birthday, 27
– My Vlog Footage from Yesterday
– Preparing for my Road Trip to LA
– More Business Cards
– Follow Me on Twitter (ryenlung) for meetup times at VidCon and Corgi Beach Day
– Golds Gym Workout
– Packing for the Trip
– Corgi dog playing with his friends at the Park
– Ready for VidCon and Corgi Beach Day
– Made it to Los Angeles
– My story of working out with Zac Efron
– Corgi Checking into the Hotel
– Corgi Tours the Hotel Room
– Registering at Vidcon
– All the VidCon Swag (touring the Vidcon goodie bag)
– Dinner at the Packing House in Anaheim
– Cool place to eat: The Pop Bar popsicles, Jambalaya
– Tomorrow is Vidcon!