My College friends come to visit me over Memorial Day Weekend for a FUN Weekend touring Santa Clara University, Wii U Games, and Mini Golf!

Features of this Episode:

– Checking out my full amiibo collection
– Gatsby the Corgi visiting Jack the French Bulldog
– Mendota Leash & Comfy Cone
– Getting a Haircut
– Golds Gym Workout (in strong lift wear)
– My College Friends visit me for the full day!
– Checking out the Tesla Cars
– Pulp Fiction and Breaking Bad Action Figures
– Apple Store Apple Watches
– Playing Game & Wario on the Wii U (Fronks and Pictionary)
– Touring Around Santa Clara University
– Going Miniature Golfing at GolfLand
– Best Miniature Golf Course I’ve been to
– We really suck at mini golf
– Playing Arcade Games
– Blowing Up the Air Mattresses


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