Weird Food Combinations Taste Test (#TasteTest) inspired by #Buzzfeed and their list of suggestions including Pickles and Peanut Butter, Soy Sauce and Ice Cream, and French Fries and Ice Cream. ALSO: Tons of Corgi, New Corals for my Red Sea Max Saltwater Aquarium, Buzzfeed Hot Dog Pasta Recipe, and a Sunset Hike!

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– Trying out some popular weird food combinations: Hot Cheetos + Milk, Hot Cheetos + Cream Cheese, Grilled Cheese Sandwich + Jam, Pickles + Peanut Butter
– Riding the Ninebot One E+ Electric Unicycle in the Park + Playing with the Corgi (Corgi Swing) in the Park
– Corgi Dog afraid of Window Washers
– Clipping Dog Nails
– Vacuuming Apartment with Corgi
– Visiting Aquatic-Gems Coral Store
– Saltwater Coral Haul: Goniopora, Cynarina, Monti Cap, and Zoanthids
– Golds Gym Workout in Strong Lift Wear Tank
– Trying out More Weird Food Combinations: Pepperoni + Peanut Butter, Peanut Butter + Bologna, and Nutella + Chips
– Opening Mail from Fans with Gatsby the Corgi ( “Gatsby15” 15% off till October 30th, 2016)
– Corgi Calendar Update (Photo Order by Time of Day)
– Aquarium Tour: Pink Goniopora, Pink Cynarina, Christmas Monti Cap, Blondie Zoa, Blowpop Zoa, Orange Zoanthid Morph
– Hiking Heintz Open Space Preserve
– Cooking Hot Dog Pasta Recipe: Olive Oil, Garlic Cloves, Onion, Hot Dogs, Tomatoes, Sugar, Salt, Pepper, Heavy Milk, Penne Pasta, Water, Green Onions, Parmesan (Source)
– Trying Weird Food Combinations with Shawn (Watch Here): Ice Cream + French Fries, Ice Cream + Chips, Ice Cream + Soy Sauce, Ice Cream + Olive Oil, Avocado + Condensed Milk
– Gatsby Corgi with a Donut Dog Toy
– Fans Wearing Corgi on Fleek T-Shirts

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