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This is an inspirational true story about how Ryen was able to secure a high-paying, high-level job right out of college through the power of networking. Gain the job of your dreams by repeating this three-step procedure.

Especially after graduating from college, it can be very difficult to get a job without many years of experience. Ryen explains the power of networking, his strategies, and what he did in order to successfully grow his network and ultimately secure a job.

You can start a mile ahead of your peers by reading this "How To" guide.


Now that you have graduated from college, it's time to upgrade your meals. Since ramen is the staple college meal, I thought I'd show you a quick and cheap way I "upgrade" my ramen noodles to make them more tasty and "deluxe."

Amaze your friends with this restaurant-quality recipe. I will show you the four steps I use to cook the best ramen!


Ankur is a college grad who recently started his own business venture after having worked for someone else. There are many new challenges one faces when becoming an entrepreneur (especially if you did not study it in school).

Ankur shares four lessons that he has learned when switching from being employed to employing himself.


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