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Gain valuable information about life after college from real college grads. Each story contains real experiences as well as advice in order to help you in your life after college.

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My story is about an illusion.

It seemed that one of my biggest goals out of college was earning a large salary. There was an ambient pressure from my school, my parents, and society to make a lot of money in order to live comfortably and be happy.
I believe that I live comfortably and am quite happy on a low income.


Ankur is a college grad who recently started his own business venture after having worked for someone else. There are many new challenges one faces when becoming an entrepreneur (especially if you did not study it in school). All of a sudden, an entrepreneur is faced with many tasks that he or she didn’t necessarily have to worry about when working for a company. Ankur shares four lessons that he has learned when switching from being employed to employing himself.


Tara provides three tips to help motivate and get you to the gym. It is important to take care of your body now that you are on your own. However, after graduating, there is a lot more on your plate and workouts may be the last thing on the list. But Exercise is a great way to keep in shape, meet new people, and feel better about yourself. It is never too late to start. Learn three tips to having a great workout after college. Because, when you have a great workout, you're motivated to return!


Now that you have graduated from college, it's time to upgrade your meals. Since ramen is the staple college meal, I thought I'd show you a quick and cheap way I "upgrade" my ramen noodles to make them more tasty and "deluxe." Amaze your friends with this restaurant-quality recipe. I will show you the four steps I use to cook the best ramen!


Makana is a recent college grad who currently lives in Cairo, Egypt. Makana grew up in Hawaii and had plans of returning, but took a job offer to develop an international social enterprise in Egypt. Makana made this decision after learning he could help others across the globe and has gained a lifetimes' worth of experiences within the year he's been out of school. Learn about his transition and about moving to a foreign country after college.


As we know, scoring a great internship is the first step to getting an even greater job. Gain valuable advice on what you need to do while still in college to get an internship. Ojus is an Online Social Gaming Analyst at Facebook in San Francisco who graduated from Cornell University. Read about his journey through college, the lessons he learned and advice he has to share on the internship and job market (in college). Ojus explains how his journey through college ultimately lead him to his current job.


Learn how to make tasty Kale Chips in this quick and easy recipe for college grads. In this article, Valerie shares her "Go-To" snack that requires very few ingredients (pretty much Kale, Salt, and Olive Oil), very little money (kale is super cheap), very few appliances (a baking sheet, and oven), and very little time (10 min in the oven). Kale is very nutritous and a perfect supplement to the "After College" diet. Try it out for yourself!


In this true story, I will outline how I was successfully able to acquire a high-level, high-paid job right after college in three steps. My main strategy involved networking. I believe college students should learn to network – it is one of the most important tools in order to reach your goals quickly and effectively.