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Should I Quit or Stay at My Job? Taking a New Perspective

Take on a new perspective when deciding whether to quit or stay at your current job
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Erin is a Hospitality Real Estate Valuation Analyst (which she says is a fancy term for appraiser) in New York City. Erin's job entails providing an objective opinion of market value of a hotel property. This includes inspecting the hotel, reviewing its financials, and making a 10-year income projections. Learn how she got into the field.


Robert is a Sales Recruiter & Trainer for Vector Marketing in South New Jersey. Robert recruits and trains sales reps to sell the Cutco product. Robert's role is very much entrepreneurial (like he is running a small business). Learn Robert's story, how he got into the field, and what his life is like after college!


Robin is an Structure Design Engineer for a major Aerospace company in Seattle, Washington. Robin's job entails making sure that the changes customers request on the design of their aircrafts are possible. See how Robin got into the field and his recommendations.


Cynthia teaches English as a foreign language in Simferopol, Ukraine. Cynthia decided to volunteer and teach English before pursuing Law (having graduated from University of Georgia pre-law). Learn how Cynthia made this decision and what her life after college abroad is like!


Ryan is a Special Education Teacher for Elementary Students in Oahu, Hawaii. Ryan's job entails educating students with mild to severe disabilities, in academics, social interactions, and overall personal development. Learn about Ryan's career path and how he chose to be in the education field.


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Take on a new perspective when deciding whether to quit or stay at your current job. Anh provides a different approach to making this difficult decision where you consider your own work as a "company" and keeping all of your values in line. This way, you can make a more ...


This is a story, from my personal experience, about how you can completely change your life in just a few months months. A new place, a new career, and a completely different outlook on your future is possible, and possibly necessary if you're in a rut of any sort. If ...


I’m a hopeless romantic. I believe in soul mates, happily ever after, and growing old together. I also want the successful career and a life lived debt free. Can the two coincide? More importantly, how do you work in a dating life when you are just out of college and ...

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You may be interviewing for your first job out of college, or just trying to figure out your day day-to-day office attire, but deciding what to wear can be a daunting task. As a recent college graduate, you want to show people at work that you know what it means ...


Living post-grad means living on a budget, but it can mean getting the best use out of what you've got; by trying to get a second use out of every-day items and by making some things yourself, you'll be giving a longer useful life to things that might have gone ...


Learn how to dress after college in style for work. I like to wear checkered-print shirts because it adds a fresh look and youth to my business work clothes. As a marketer out of college, I wanted to differentiate my wardrobe from everyone elses' while still looking acceptable and young. ...

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