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See what Life After College is like! These are real college graduates who share their lifestyles with you. Learn all about their job and about the area they live. Get a tour of their apartment and see their agenda.

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Erin is a Hospitality Real Estate Valuation Analyst (which she says is a fancy term for appraiser) in New York City. Erin's job entails providing an objective opinion of market value of a hotel property. This includes inspecting the hotel, reviewing its financials, and making a 10-year income projections. Learn how she got into the field.


Robert is a Sales Recruiter & Trainer for Vector Marketing in South New Jersey. Robert recruits and trains sales reps to sell the Cutco product. Robert's role is very much entrepreneurial (like he is running a small business). Learn Robert's story, how he got into the field, and what his life is like after college!


Robin is an Structure Design Engineer for a major Aerospace company in Seattle, Washington. Robin's job entails making sure that the changes customers request on the design of their aircrafts are possible. See how Robin got into the field and his recommendations.


Cynthia teaches English as a foreign language in Simferopol, Ukraine. Cynthia decided to volunteer and teach English before pursuing Law (having graduated from University of Georgia pre-law). Learn how Cynthia made this decision and what her life after college abroad is like!


Ryan is a Special Education Teacher for Elementary Students in Oahu, Hawaii. Ryan's job entails educating students with mild to severe disabilities, in academics, social interactions, and overall personal development. Learn about Ryan's career path and how he chose to be in the education field.


Rose is a Social Media Consultant for a local band in Los Angeles, California. Rose's job entails writing all the band's blogs, creating and managing the social networking accounts, and editing the website. Learn how Roses's studies and writing skills lead to her current job.


Ilya is a Business Developer/Seller for Acxiom Big Data in São Paulo, Brazil. Ilya's job entails sourcing deals, pitching clients, creating proposals, and negotiating contracts. Ilya grew up in Vancouver, Canada and went to Cornell University. Learn how he made the transition to Brazil..


Kristie is a Graphic Designer for Consumer Products at 20th Century Fox in Los Angeles, California. Kristie's job entails illustrating and designing merchandise packaging for all of the Fox properties such as The Simpsons, Family Guy, Glee, etc. See how she was able to acquire her job after college!


Sean is a visual effects artist for movies such as SkyFall, Twilight, and Vampire Diaries in Los Angele. Sean's profession has very different hours (over night) and a very different lifestyle than the average job. Sean provides a passionate and in-depth write-up of everything you need to know about the lifestyle.


Andrea is an Administrative Assistant at a Law Firm in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Her job entails supporting attorneys, office work, and office maintenance. Learn about Andrea's journey with a Film/Television Writing Major and how she ended up in her current profession.


Andrew is a Business Analyst for a Financial Firm in Albany, New York. Andrew's job entails data analysis on Microsoft Excel using historical data and trends to make actionable decisions on strategies and procedures to increase a company's bottom line. Learn what it's like to live in "Up State" New York.


Gabriel Teaches English as a Foreign Language to high school students in Anhui, China. Gabriel graduated with a Mechanical Engineering major from Yale University, but decided, since he's still young, to travel to China, experience and learn the culture, while teaching English. Follow his Journey!


Lauren is a Sales Assistant at an Advertising Firm in San Francisco, California. Her job entails assisting the company representatives in purchasing ad space while learning as much as she can about the industry. Lauren shows a natural drive for her career willing to work hard and move to a new city to learn.


Paul is a Freelance Musician in Columbus Ohio. As a freelance musician, Paul's job entails many teaching and performing gigs. Paul explains how a lot of time is spent practicing, writing music, organizing rehearsals, notating and printing music, etc. See what life as a Freelance Musician is really like!


Rae is a Development Coordinator at a Conservation Non-Profit in Big Island Hawaii. Her job entails raising funding for operations and programs, as well as working on partnership building, donor cultivation and reputation management. And see what Life After College is like in Hawaii!


George is a Compensation Analyst at a major technology company in Silicon Valley (San Francisco Bay Area). His job entails determining salary increases and compensation to attract, retain, and compete for new work talent. George's studies are in Industrial and Labor Relations. See how he uses his studies in his daily job.


Lauren is a Corporate Training Manager for a Food & Beverage company in Singapore. Her job covers a broad scope of work from employee retention, brand management, and business growth and recruiting. In addition, see what the life of a college grad in Singapore is like!


Lisa is a Pharmaceutical Business Analyst for Managed Markets in Boston, Massachusetts. Her job entails analyzing sales, market share, and payer mix. Much of her work is analytical in nature but Lisa mentions having fun presenting the numbers (her background is in communications). In addition, tour Lisa's home she purchased outside of Boston.


Anders is a Food Prep Coordinator at a Healthy Cuisine Restaurant (True Food Kitchen) in Denver, Colorado. Anders' job entails coordinating with others to help make LOTS of food for the service line. This includes preparing sauces, stocks, soups, and more! See what Anders' life after college is like!


Erika is an 8th Grade English Teacher in Houston, Texas. Her job entails working with students to help complete assignments, generating reports, and maintaining classroom order. As an English Major from the University of Phoenix in Houston, Erika believes her studies have prepared her well for her role after college.