Life After College: Stories & Advice

Think you’re going through a hard time? Hear about life after college hardships from real college grads. These stories contain real experiences as well as advice for you to connect with and learn from.

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This is a story, from my personal experience, about how you can completely change your life in just a few months months. A new place, a new career, and a completely different outlook on your future is possible, and possibly necessary if you're in a rut of any sort. If you ditch your preconceptions and think openly about your future, you might be surprised how things turn out.


Christina provides three lessons she learned about her studies and life after college.

When I was graduating high school, I felt the weight of the world on my shoulders as I meticulously researched and pondered which college I would attend. Once in college I again debated, analyzed, and lost sleep over what to major in. Now that college is seen from my rear view mirror (and the images are actually farther than they appear), I realized that the important part is that I have a degree.


Makana is a recent college grad who currently lives in Cairo, Egypt. Makana grew up in Hawaii and had plans of returning, but took a job offer to develop an international social enterprise in Egypt. Makana made this decision after learning he could help others across the globe and has gained a lifetimes' worth of experiences within the year he's been out of school. Learn about his transition and about moving to a foreign country after college.