Life After College: Finance

Kiyo does Financial Analysis for a Healthcare Company in New York City. Kiyo's job entails monitoring revenue cycle, analyzing financial statements, and mocking up business plans. Learn how Kiyo got into this field and tour is New York City apartment, which he shares with his girlfriend (also featured on this site: Valerie).


Ryan is a Financial Controller for an Electronics company in Albany, New York. Ryan's job entails managing all of the company's finances from purchasing, book keeping, tax forms, and sales. Ryan's hours are relatively flexible which allows him to accomplish lots during his day. Check out his life in Albany.


Tyler is a Senior Financial Analyst for a major technology company in the San Francisco Bay Area. Learn about the career path for Tyler's profession (what he did to break into the field), what he actually does on a daily basis as a Senior Financial Analyst, and get a tour of his life after college.