Tag: Fitness

Sharing my Fitness Routine and Body Maintenance to stay Healthy and Fit including Cooking Full Meals, Workout Routine, and Outdoor Activities with my Corgi Dog.


Reviewing my Collection of Gym Clothes & Fit: Gym Shark, Strong Lift Wear, Body Engineers, Gym Aesthetics, Aesthetic Revolution, Rise Above Fitness, Physique Bodyware (stringers, tanks, leggings, shorts) and giving a closet tour! Amiibo Hunting for Mewtwo, Aquarium shopping, and Ninebot Footage too!


I share my Bulking Meal Plan Diet for Skinny Guys (Ectomorph, Hard Gainer) to gain muscle. I take care of my Biocube Nano Reef Saltwater Aquarium Update and have My Corgis Friends LED Dog Collars play at night!


Bulking Food Cooking for Gains, Hard Gainer, Fitness Goals, Video Games, and TONS of Corgi Dog Action! It's a Good Day!


Today I share a full day of my meal prep, cooking, grocery haul, and more! Plus tons of Happy Corgi Dog to brighten your day.


Spending the Day at the San Jose Fit Expo 2015 with Phil Heath, Jay Cutler, Rich Piana, Jeremy Buendia, Kaden Nguyen, Robert Oberst, Kali Muscle, Brandan Schieppati, Jon Skywalker, and MORE!


Today we spend a day devoted to Gatsby the Corgi. We go to a local Corgi Meetup, Bring Gatsby to the vet, and check out how Gatsby's markings have changed over time. We also do some grocery shopping and cooking of spaghetti.


Grocery Shopping for Muscle Bulking Meals inspired by Jeff Seid. And My Bodybuilding/Fitness goals for 2015!