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Target Haul! Finding all of the Good Dinosaur Merchandise and playing around at our favorite store. Also: Corgi Hiking, Breaking Down a Biocube Saltwater Aquarium, the Red Sea Max C-250 Aquarium Emergency! & Top 10 Movies of 2015!


I've given college study tips, now I reflect on the most useful courses to take in college based on their use after college. And as always, get tons of Corgi Action with Gatsby!


Got My Online Import Amiibo Wave 5 Hunt done from Play-Asia. (Palutena Amiibo, Dark Pit Amiibo, and Zero Suit Samus Amiibo) Check out the Full Amiibo Collection as well as CORGI vs LABRADOR in today's VLOG!


Today I cook an epic White Chicken Chili while being incredibly productive: Aquarium, Amiibos, Grocery Shopping, and more!


Today I COMPLETE My Nintendo Amiibo Collection! Got Marth, Villager and Shulk! Check out all the Corgi Business too!


Many people loved my How To Make Ramen video, so I thought I'd provide an update! Along with Grocery Shopping at the Asian Market, and Hiking with my Corgi.


Today we spend a day devoted to Gatsby the Corgi. We go to a local Corgi Meetup, Bring Gatsby to the vet, and check out how Gatsby's markings have changed over time. We also do some grocery shopping and cooking of spaghetti.


Made it to 400 VLOGS! Celebrating with A Day in the Life Vlog with Gatsby the Corgi! I also answer tons of questions about my job/work, corgis/dogs, workout/gym, and more!