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Corgi Reaches the Final Level of Agility Obstacle Course Escape Room (homemade). Bring my Corgi on a Hike, cooked some First Person POV Ramen, new Camera Testing (Canon G7X Mark ii) and a lot more!


Weird Food Combinations Taste Test (#TasteTest) inspired by #Buzzfeed and their list of suggestions including Pickles and Peanut Butter, Soy Sauce and Ice Cream, and French Fries and Ice Cream. ALSO: Tons of Corgi, New Corals for my Red Sea Max Saltwater Aquarium, Buzzfeed Hot Dog Pasta Recipe, and a Sunset Hike!


#Corgi #Dog Swimming Underwater with a #GoPro for the First Time (learns how to Swim)! ALSO: Ultimate Chirashi Bowl Recipe, Dave & Busters, Hiking Maisie's Point, and Ukulele Solo -- The Best Day Ever.


FINALLY! #Reunited with Bentley the Dog after being apart for 3 years! #DogReaction. He also meets my #Corgi, Gatsby. ALSO: Desk Accessory Tour, Hot Dog Musubi Recipe, Ninebot, and a Sunset Hike!


Get Study Tips from an Ivy League Student (Cornell University) How to Study | ALSO: Visiting Golden Gate Bridge BEST VIEW, Fan Mail, Ukulele Trio, and Corgi Hike. Study Tips include how to take notes, note cards, study guide, and prepare for a text/exam.


Gatsby the Corgi Dog Helped me get to 100,000 Subscribers! Thank you so much! Lots to celebrate including a Hike, T-Shirts, and PO Box!


Sharing my Fitness Routine and Body Maintenance to stay Healthy and Fit including Cooking Full Meals, Workout Routine, and Outdoor Activities with my Corgi Dog.


Target Haul! Finding all of the Good Dinosaur Merchandise and playing around at our favorite store. Also: Corgi Hiking, Breaking Down a Biocube Saltwater Aquarium, the Red Sea Max C-250 Aquarium Emergency! & Top 10 Movies of 2015!


Gatsby the Corgi Dog is super cute in his Cozy Cave Bed (looks like a Pita Sandwich) by Snoozer. ALSO: Dancing with a Corgi Dog, Red Sea Max Reef Aquarium Update, Shopping at Target, Cooking, Cleaning, and Hiking!


Features of this Episode: – Leaving Tahoe – Corgi Dog Plays in the Snow – Snow Sledding with a Corgi – Hiking to Donner Lake in the Snow – Corgi Dog Loves Snow Beach – Driving Back from Tahoe – Arriving Home – Golds Gym Workout in Aesthetic Revolution and Strong Lift Wear – Aquarium […]