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Gain valuable information about life after college from real college grads. Each story contains real experiences as well as advice in order to help you in your life after college.

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Take on a new perspective when deciding whether to quit or stay at your current job. Anh provides a different approach to making this difficult decision where you consider your own work as a "company" and keeping all of your values in line. This way, you can make a more fulfilling decision that may surprise even you!


Job-hunting is one of the more strenuous and draining activities for those in their mid-twenties. With the rise of unpaid internships, jobs with low pay and “portfolio building” gigs, finding an actual career seems near impossible. However, in the time that you’re unemployed, there are plenty of ways to keep your spirits high and land your dream job.


Like a spy entering a foreign land, check out the culture and environment before you make yourself really known. Check out how the other workers interact with one another, get a feel for the “roles” that are in place (like who is the joker, who is the whiner, who is trustworthy, etc.), and try to put your finger on the pulse of your new surroundings.


Ankur is a college grad who recently started his own business venture after having worked for someone else. There are many new challenges one faces when becoming an entrepreneur (especially if you did not study it in school). All of a sudden, an entrepreneur is faced with many tasks that he or she didn’t necessarily have to worry about when working for a company. Ankur shares four lessons that he has learned when switching from being employed to employing himself.


As we know, scoring a great internship is the first step to getting an even greater job. Gain valuable advice on what you need to do while still in college to get an internship. Ojus is an Online Social Gaming Analyst at Facebook in San Francisco who graduated from Cornell University. Read about his journey through college, the lessons he learned and advice he has to share on the internship and job market (in college). Ojus explains how his journey through college ultimately lead him to his current job.


In this true story, I will outline how I was successfully able to acquire a high-level, high-paid job right after college in three steps. My main strategy involved networking. I believe college students should learn to network – it is one of the most important tools in order to reach your goals quickly and effectively.