Life After College: Tour My Life

For many, a car is a college grad’s first big purchase. See what kind of cars real college grad students purchase after college. Learn why they chose the car, and get a photo gallery tour for your own ideas on what to purchase.

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Check out Rickey's Toyota Prius hybrid which he purchased after college. Rickey describes the car as "overall a smooth and professional looking car.

It's got an acceleration similar to that of a cheetah on a vegan diet (read: not much), but it can maintain speed at 45-60 mpg. Great engineering, one of the few Toyota brands still manufactured in Japan."


Theres nothing like driving a vintage Porsche 911. It is an exhilarating feeling like none other.

The Porsche was Vincent's dream car which he saved enough money to purchase after college. After college, Vincnet worked in sales and finance at a car dealership in San Francisco before pursuing his own entrepreneurial design company. Tour his car and learn what it's like to own the Porsche 911.