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Take an in-depth look into the the real after-college life of these college grads. Take a close-up photo gallery tour with descriptions to gain ideas for your own life after college.

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You may be interviewing for your first job out of college, or just trying to figure out your day day-to-day office attire, but deciding what to wear can be a daunting task. As a recent college graduate, you want to show people at work that you know what it means to be in the professional office environment, and that you have the potential to be just as great a worker as those senior employees. Dressing appropriately plays a part in accomplishing this and making a good impression on your boss and fellow co-workers.

Whether the dress code calls for business professional or casual attire, it helps to have a good idea of that this means so you’ll have an easier time deciding what to wear in the morning. For men, the rules are clear-cut: tie vs. no tie or jacket vs. no jacket depending on how formal the event. The standards can be a bit fuzzier for women, but here are some good guidelines to follow for whatever dress situation you may encounter at work:


Living post-grad means living on a budget, but it can mean getting the best use out of what you've got; by trying to get a second use out of every-day items and by making some things yourself, you'll be giving a longer useful life to things that might have gone into a landfill, and you'll have stuff that's original and all your own!

I am a recent college grad and this is my apartment after college: I think in terms of design and balance--everything in my place has a purpose, even if the purpose is to make me smile! I will provide you with a photo tour of my projects/recommendations as well as my methods. Here are ways you can re-use and DIY some great apartment stuff.


Learn how to dress after college in style for work. I like to wear checkered-print shirts because it adds a fresh look and youth to my business work clothes. As a marketer out of college, I wanted to differentiate my wardrobe from everyone elses' while still looking acceptable and young. I found that the checkered shirt was the perfect way to add some visual interest to my clothes without going overboard. In fact, I used to get a lot of compliments on my checkered shirts!

In this photo gallery, I give you a tour of the business clothes I would wear to work (matched with a tie).


Check out Rickey's Toyota Prius hybrid which he purchased after college. Rickey describes the car as "overall a smooth and professional looking car.

It's got an acceleration similar to that of a cheetah on a vegan diet (read: not much), but it can maintain speed at 45-60 mpg. Great engineering, one of the few Toyota brands still manufactured in Japan."


Grocery shopping after college is a whole new ballgame. You’re not limited to eating Top Ramen noodles like you were during college! You have more money, and can be pickier about the foods you buy, the staples you eat, and the stores where you shop. It’s a definite upgrade! In addition, your time is more limited, so it’s common to fall into the routine of only grocery shopping once per week and planning ahead for your weekly meals.


New York is a culinary dream, especially for a home cook. I know of at least 3 green markets, 2 quality grocery stores (Trader Joes and Union Market), and 1 supermarket (MetFood) within just a few blocks of my apartment. Additionally, my office is right next to Union Square which boasts a huge farmer's market. So when I can, I pick up the freshest foods I can find at smaller, specialty stores so I know I'm always getting the best product and supporting local businesses.


Theres nothing like driving a vintage Porsche 911. It is an exhilarating feeling like none other.

The Porsche was Vincent's dream car which he saved enough money to purchase after college. After college, Vincnet worked in sales and finance at a car dealership in San Francisco before pursuing his own entrepreneurial design company. Tour his car and learn what it's like to own the Porsche 911.


Now that you have your apartment, it is time to put some bling onto your drab walls. But those old college posters will no longer do. You're an adult: you need an upgrade!

I am a recent college grad and this is my apartment after college. Everything on my walls has a story behind it. I will provide you with a photo tour of my wall art as well as where I purchased everything. Here are 7 ways you can upgrade your apartment wall art.