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Check out real college grad work styles. Tour closets for style ideas and further insights into their job. Each photo gallery tour includes a description of the typical work outfit and brand.

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You may be interviewing for your first job out of college, or just trying to figure out your day day-to-day office attire, but deciding what to wear can be a daunting task. As a recent college graduate, you want to show people at work that you know what it means to be in the professional office environment, and that you have the potential to be just as great a worker as those senior employees. Dressing appropriately plays a part in accomplishing this and making a good impression on your boss and fellow co-workers.

Whether the dress code calls for business professional or casual attire, it helps to have a good idea of that this means so you’ll have an easier time deciding what to wear in the morning. For men, the rules are clear-cut: tie vs. no tie or jacket vs. no jacket depending on how formal the event. The standards can be a bit fuzzier for women, but here are some good guidelines to follow for whatever dress situation you may encounter at work:


Learn how to dress after college in style for work. I like to wear checkered-print shirts because it adds a fresh look and youth to my business work clothes. As a marketer out of college, I wanted to differentiate my wardrobe from everyone elses' while still looking acceptable and young. I found that the checkered shirt was the perfect way to add some visual interest to my clothes without going overboard. In fact, I used to get a lot of compliments on my checkered shirts!

In this photo gallery, I give you a tour of the business clothes I would wear to work (matched with a tie).