Life After College: Los Angeles

Rose is a Social Media Consultant for a local band in Los Angeles, California. Rose's job entails writing all the band's blogs, creating and managing the social networking accounts, and editing the website. Learn how Roses's studies and writing skills lead to her current job.


Kristie is a Graphic Designer for Consumer Products at 20th Century Fox in Los Angeles, California. Kristie's job entails illustrating and designing merchandise packaging for all of the Fox properties such as The Simpsons, Family Guy, Glee, etc. See how she was able to acquire her job after college!


Sean is a visual effects artist for movies such as SkyFall, Twilight, and Vampire Diaries in Los Angele. Sean's profession has very different hours (over night) and a very different lifestyle than the average job. Sean provides a passionate and in-depth write-up of everything you need to know about the lifestyle.


Reyna is an Elementary School Teacher for Underrepresented Students in Los Angeles, California. Reyna assists with the students' full days at school from teaching to recess to pickup and drop off. See how Reyna's studies and major in Chicana y Chicano studies lead to her current job helping underrepresented students.


Linda is a Residential Real Estate Agent/Match-Maker focusing on the luxury segment in Los Angeles, California. Learn how Linda runs her own company and how she applies her studies in Hospitality from Cornell University to acquire new clients and make sales. And tour her own home in Los Angeles!


Mike is a Consulting Analyst at a major Commercial Real Estate company in Los Angeles, California. Living with his high school friends from Hawaii - in a three-bedroom apartment - is definitely an added perk. Mike takes you on a tour of his life after college. See what it's really like for his profession, and how he lives.