Life After College:

See what Life After College is like! These are real college graduates who share their lifestyles with you. Learn all about their job and about the area they live. Get a tour of their apartment and see their agenda.

Kiyo does Financial Analysis for a Healthcare Company in New York City. Kiyo's job entails monitoring revenue cycle, analyzing financial statements, and mocking up business plans. Learn how Kiyo got into this field and tour is New York City apartment, which he shares with his girlfriend (also featured on this site: Valerie).


Melissa is a freelance writer in New York City. (She is doing the Sex in the City thing.) Her job entails contractual writing gigs, and searching on Craigslist for the new opportunities. Melissa is very passionate about writing as she shares her lifestyle with us. Tour her life and her apartment in New York City.


Candy is a Revenue Manager for seven hotel properties in Waikiki, Hawaii. As a Revenue Manager, Candy's job entails forecasting hotel demand and supply to set room rates, meeting with the hotel general managers, and managing online travel agent sites such as Expedia. See what life in Hawaii is like for a college grad.


Nick is a Software Analyst managing a Microsoft SharePoint environment in Seattle, Washington. Nick's job entails project management, software support, and communication with the team in India. Nick provides a lot of useful and inspiration information about job search after college. In addition, you can tour his Seattle, Washington apartment!


Rich is a US Peace Corps Volunteer located in Puerto Quito, Ecuador. Rich is a Community Health volunteer and his daily job entails educating the local community about proper hygiene practices and the American culture. See what Rich's life after college is like and how his degree in communications help prepare him.


Jamie is a Medical Software Implementer for Hospitals at a company called Epic located in Madison, Wisconsin. Jamie is a project manager and has many daily tasks: no two days are the same. Her job entails so much more than making sure hospitals implement the medical software properly. Learn how she got into this field with a degree in Government.


Ryan is a Financial Controller for an Electronics company in Albany, New York. Ryan's job entails managing all of the company's finances from purchasing, book keeping, tax forms, and sales. Ryan's hours are relatively flexible which allows him to accomplish lots during his day. Check out his life in Albany.


Sara is a Corporate Law Project Assistant in San Francisco, California. She describes her job as "an assistant to paralegals, but with pro-bono work basically akin to a contracted professional." Sara actually majored in Spanish in college. Learn how she ended up in Corporate Law.


John Manages a Major Celebrity Fine Dining Restaurant in Hong Kong. In fact, John was one of the first manager's at the restaurant's opening! Learn how John's semester studying abroad in Italy lead to his re-born interest into the food and beverage industry. And see what it's like living in Hong Kong!


Reyna is an Elementary School Teacher for Underrepresented Students in Los Angeles, California. Reyna assists with the students' full days at school from teaching to recess to pickup and drop off. See how Reyna's studies and major in Chicana y Chicano studies lead to her current job helping underrepresented students.


Gio is a Business Developer at a Medical Startup in the San Francisco Bay Area. Working at a startup requires Gio to perform a lot of different skills from marketing and tech support,, to business operations. Learn how Gio worked his way up to his current position. His story is truly inspiring!


Bernard is an Account Coordinator for an Online Advertising start up in the San Francisco Bay Area. Bernard's job involves working with clients to build online campaigns to generate leads. Learn how Bernard chose the online marketing field and what life in the San Francisco Bay area is like.


Laura is a Real Estate Development Project Manager in Dallas, Texas. As a Project Manager for the Development of Hotels, Laura manages the construction teams and makes sure the real estate is built on time and within budget. Learn how Laura acquired her job and tour her life after college.


Sherin is a Wealth Management Analyst at JPMorgan Chase in New York City. Sherin's position is similar to a Project Manager as she is in charge of overseeing a venture from inception to completion. Sherin just purchased her own studio apartment in the heart of New York City. Learn about her experiences in and out of the office.


Diego is a Pro Tennis Instructor in Kahuku, Hawaii (on the North Shore) at the Turtle Bay Resort. Having gone pro himself at a young age, Diego decided to instruct up and coming athletes instead. See how his day consists of surfing, instructing tennis on his own dedicated court, and chilling. What a life!


Brandon is a High School Educational Outreach & Engagement Manager in Atlanta Georgia. Brandon's job involves working with educators on ways to increase student engagement and creating an educational community. The way Brandon writes with passion about his position is inspirational.


Linda is a Residential Real Estate Agent/Match-Maker focusing on the luxury segment in Los Angeles, California. Learn how Linda runs her own company and how she applies her studies in Hospitality from Cornell University to acquire new clients and make sales. And tour her own home in Los Angeles!


Chris is a AmeriCorps Horticultural Conservation Research Assistant/Intern in Hilo, Hawaii. Chris's job requires him to wear many hats including field work, office work, and educational sessions for natural resource conservation. This profession is not for everyone, but Chris shows a real passion for what he does.


Nick is an Acquisitions and Asset Management Analyst for a large Hotel Investment Company in New York City. As an analyst, Nick's job focuses primarily on financial and asset management. Learn what his daily job entails and how he was able to put his college major and studies to good use.


Danielle is a Front of House Restaurant Manager in the Flatiron district of New York City. Danielle gives an in-depth look into what managing a restaurant is all about (managing a restaurant is so much more than overseeing a restaurant's operations). And get a tour of Danielle's New York City apartment.