Life After College: San Francisco Bay Area

Lauren is a Sales Assistant at an Advertising Firm in San Francisco, California. Her job entails assisting the company representatives in purchasing ad space while learning as much as she can about the industry. Lauren shows a natural drive for her career willing to work hard and move to a new city to learn.


George is a Compensation Analyst at a major technology company in Silicon Valley (San Francisco Bay Area). His job entails determining salary increases and compensation to attract, retain, and compete for new work talent. George's studies are in Industrial and Labor Relations. See how he uses his studies in his daily job.


Sara is a Corporate Law Project Assistant in San Francisco, California. She describes her job as "an assistant to paralegals, but with pro-bono work basically akin to a contracted professional." Sara actually majored in Spanish in college. Learn how she ended up in Corporate Law.


Gio is a Business Developer at a Medical Startup in the San Francisco Bay Area. Working at a startup requires Gio to perform a lot of different skills from marketing and tech support,, to business operations. Learn how Gio worked his way up to his current position. His story is truly inspiring!


Bernard is an Account Coordinator for an Online Advertising start up in the San Francisco Bay Area. Bernard's job involves working with clients to build online campaigns to generate leads. Learn how Bernard chose the online marketing field and what life in the San Francisco Bay area is like.


Chris works at Google as a sales account executive in the social media department. Learn what his daily job at Google in internet sales entails and what it's like to live in the booming Silicon Valley, the technology and start-up capital of the US. This is definitely an exciting place for a new college grad to live and do business as you will find out!


Ojus works at Facebook as an online social gaming analyst. Get an inside look into working at Facebook as well as what a gaming analyst's daily job entails. Ojus moved from Boston to San Francisco for his dream job. Gain a candid look into life in SF and Tour Ojus's apartment!


Vincent is an entrepreneur who's passion is to make a difference in how people live their lives through design. Read about Vincent's many business ventures as an entrepreneur. He is located in San Francisco, a place characterized by many exciting startups by entrepreneurs. Vincent is definitely one to watch.


Lauren is a public tax accounting associate at a Big 4 in the San Francisco Bay Area. Lauren helps companies to prepare tax forms as well as federal provisions and compliance. See what life as a college grad in this profession entails. Lauren lives in the Bay Area, just south of San Francisco.


Tyler is a Senior Financial Analyst for a major technology company in the San Francisco Bay Area. Learn about the career path for Tyler's profession (what he did to break into the field), what he actually does on a daily basis as a Senior Financial Analyst, and get a tour of his life after college.


Shaun is a research associate at a healthcare company in the San Francisco Bay Area. On a daily basis, he does research on people with kidney disease and spends time on site checking in with patients at the clinic. Shaun mentions that his job requires a lot of detail-oriented work as healthcare calls for a lot of paperwork.


Ryen is an Internet Marketer living in the San Francisco Bay Area. His work does not consist of the normal nine-to-five job. Because he works from home, he creates his own hours and works 7 days a week. However, he does splurge on his apartment, as you can see from his photos, because he spends all his time there.