10 Worst Things About Life After College

Here are ten good reasons why you should never graduate from college.


1. Waking Up Earlier Than In College

The time you woke up in college = lunchtime at work

2. No Homework… Instead, “Take Home Work”

Hooray for being paid on salary!

3. Your Drinking Partner is Your 50 Yr Old Boss

Or co-workers twice your age

4. Paying Taxes

“Who’s FICA and why does he get all my money?”

5. Professor Values Your Ideas… Bosses Don’t

And then he comes up with the same idea next week

6. Spring Break?

Bwahahaha, what’s that?

7. Same Diet After College

The only thing I cook right almost every time

8. Making This Face a Lot More

… When This is How You Feel

Especially at Work

9. Listening to Kelly Clarkson for Inspiration

We’ve all been there

10. You’re Starting All Over… Again

This time it counts!

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