10 Other Things to Consider When Choosing Your Apartment

Yeah, yeah… we know that cost is important… But here are some more factors to take into consideration before choosing a place to live!


1. Do You Get Reception?

C’mon, admit it. This is the deal breaker… This apartment building doesn’t get reception? NEXT!

2. How Many Take-Out Options Are Close By?

Doing your own cooking every night? Bwahahaha! You make money now!

3. What are Your Close By Drinking Options?

Designated Driver? Pfsh! I’M WALKING HOME!

4. How Thick Are The Walls?

Well…. ‘Cause You Know…

5. How Many People Your Age Live Close By?

If these are the youngest people in your building…

6. Enough Privacy for your Miley Cyrus Rock Out Sessions?

We can’t stop and we won’t stop

7. How Hard is it to Break In?

Make sure your place is secure!

8. Enough Pantry Space for Your Instant Ramen?

I consider this cooking

9. What is Your View Of?

Hopefully nothing ugly and naked…

10. What’s Your Exit Strategy?

Stuck in a Lease? How do you get out?

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