Fish Tank Saltwater #Aquarium Update & Upgrade. After many fish deaths, it’s time to upgrade my Red Sea Max Aquarium with a Neptune Apex Controller. I also purchase another Flame Angel Fish & Potter’s Wrasse. I make an Ahi Tower, and MORE!

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- Dead Diamond Back Goby Fish
- Dead Flame Angelfish
- Gatsby the Happy Corgi & Himalayan Dog Chew
- Local Fish Store Neptune Aquatics
- Purchasing and Acclimating New fish: Potter’s Wrasse and Flame Angelfish
- Ahi Poke Tower: Rice, snow crab meat, ahi tuna (sushi grade), sriracha, mayonnaise, fish eggs (sushi grade), sesame oil, soy sauce, avocado, sesame seeds, eel sauce (unagi sauce)
- Ukulele Song Part of Your World
- Golds Gym Leg Workout in Aesthetics Revolution & Physique Bodyware
- Getting wild fish to eat: Sushi grade fish eggs
- Neptune Apex Aquarium Controller (Setting Up Aquarium Controller & Explanation)
- Corgi Mummy & Playing Indoors on a Rainy Day
- Evolving Magikarp into Gyarados on Pokemon Go
- Meeting with my college friend Emily & Cajun Food
- Reminiscing about College Group Projects
- Happy Corgi & Moonlight Fish Tank
- GreatGatsbyCorgi YouTube Channel

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