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Gain financial advice, read stories, and hear about life after college from real college grads. Learn ways to save money and pay off college loans while still living a great post-grad life.

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Sara provides ten tips for reducing your expenses after college. Sara is a recent College Grad from Cornell University living in San Francisco. Life after college is not cheap (especially with college loans, paying rent, taxes, etc.). Gain some helpful tips to lessen your financial load!


There is A LOT of marketing that goes into grocery stores! See how to reduce your spend while learning the tricks Supermarkets use to get you to buy more (as told by a Marketer). Share this article with everyone you know to help reduce your grocery bill after college!


"Why is my salary so low?" Sometimes it is important to keep things in perspective. We can all get inspired and learn from Anh and the way he views a person's value. Read this article and share it with a loved one or someone who is going through a hard time. Show that person how they create value for you. And in turn, you will provide your own value to that person. Are you ready to be inspired? Read on!


My story is about an illusion.

It seemed that one of my biggest goals out of college was earning a large salary. There was an ambient pressure from my school, my parents, and society to make a lot of money in order to live comfortably and be happy.
I believe that I live comfortably and am quite happy on a low income.