Life After College: Stories & Advice

Gain some cooking advice targeted specifically for college grads. Now that you are on your own, it is time to cook your own meals. Learn ways to make food simple and fast for that college grad on the go.

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Now that you have graduated from college, it's time to upgrade your meals. Since ramen is the staple college meal, I thought I'd show you a quick and cheap way I "upgrade" my ramen noodles to make them more tasty and "deluxe." Amaze your friends with this restaurant-quality recipe. I will show you the four steps I use to cook the best ramen!


Learn how to make tasty Kale Chips in this quick and easy recipe for college grads. In this article, Valerie shares her "Go-To" snack that requires very few ingredients (pretty much Kale, Salt, and Olive Oil), very little money (kale is super cheap), very few appliances (a baking sheet, and oven), and very little time (10 min in the oven). Kale is very nutritous and a perfect supplement to the "After College" diet. Try it out for yourself!