My Corgi Dog Rides on my Ninebot One E+ Hoverboard Electric Unicycle at the park (in my backpack). ALSO: Dog Restaurant Date, Nature’s Skittles Fruit Salad Recipe, New Corals in my Red Sea Max C-250 Aquarium, Pokken Tournament, and Top 5 Inspirational Songs!

Features of this Episode:

– Gatsby the Corgi and Shawn from Shawnsecrets: Riding the Ninebot One E+ Electric Unicycle at the Park
– Hanging out with a Corgi in the Morning
– Making Nature’s Skittles Fruit Salad Recipe: Strawberries, Blueberries, Kiwis, Mandarin Oranges, Blackberries, and Raspberries
– Corgi Dog Loves Bully Stick
– Golds Gym Chest Workout in Strong Lift Wear Checking out my friend’s coral shop
– New Corals for my Red Sea Max C250 Saltwater Reef Aquarium: Long Tentacle Plate Fungia (yellow), Green Aussie Gold Torch Coral, Yellow Zoanthids
– My Top 5 Most Inspirational Song that I listen to when I need to be inspired (I’m the Best, Stronger, Upside Down, What You Waiting For?, Life is a Song)
– Trying to Fit Inside Gatsby’s Cozy Cave Dog Bed
– Dogs Playing at the Dog Park
– Playing Pokken Tournament for Wii U as Suicune (Against Lucario and Gengar)
– Gatsby and Tenby’s Corgi Dog Date at Dog Restaurant: The Lazy Dog
– Dog’s Meal
– Back at the Park for Ninebot Footage at Night: Ninebot Light Cycles on Turf Grass
My collaboration on Shawn’s Channel