Corgi Dog Smiles are the Best! Check out my Last Day in Hawaii (Taking a boat ride to the sand bar from the Kaneohe Marine Base). And watch Gatsby’s reaction to my return home!

Features of this Episode:

– Leaving Hawaii (back to California)
– Checking out Kailua Beach with the beautiful HD camera
– Honolulu International Airport (Hawaiian Airlines) Flying back to California
– Footage from my Last Day in Hawaii
– Breakfast at Boots & Kimo in Kailua
– Visiting my grandparents’ talking parrot
– Renting a party boat from Kaneohe Military Marine Base
– Boat Ride in Hawaii
– Watching all of the Military Airforce Practice
– Pontoon Boat on the Sand Bar
– Checking out the Hawaii Sand Bar
– Making it back to Kaneohe Bay
– Man Ichi Ramen in Ala Moana with my friend
– Walking around Ala Moana Shopping Center after hours (totally empty)
– Landing in NorCal
– Corgi Dog’s Reaction on My Return
– Corgi Dog throw up all over the carpet
– The Aftermath