#Corgi’s Final #Aquarium #Fish Friend for the Saltwater Red Sea Max C-250 Reef Tank Setup. Full Aquarium Stock list and Tank Tour, Beyonce’s Formation Tour Concert, and Zaru Udon Japanese Cold Noodles Recipe!

Features of this Episode:

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Red Sea Max Aquarium Playlist
– Up Theme on Ukulele with Red Sea Max C-250 Saltwaster Reef Aquarium Showcase with Corgi
– Corgi On Fleek! Gatsby Corgi in Slow Motion
– Getting a Flame Angel Fish
– Two Corgis (Tenby) visits and shares a Kong
– Golds Gym Leg Workout in Body-Engineers
– Going to Daiso Dollar Store and Asian Market for Zaru Soba Recipe Grocery Ingredients
– New Corgi On Fleek T-Shirt Colors
– Yellow Tang Incredibly Aggressive to New Fish: Trick to Stop Aggression
– Making Zaru Udon (Cold Japanese Noodles) Recipe: Udon, Nagaimo or Yamaimo (Mountain Yam), Tsuyu Soba Sauce, Egg, Nori (Seaweed), and Green Onion
– Full Aquarium Tour Stock List
– Livestock: Banggai Cardinals (Zelda, Sheik), False Perc Clownfish (Rosalina/Katniss), Yellow Tang (King DeDeDe), Melanurus Wrasse (Samus), Flame Angel (Captain Falcon)
– Coral/Inverts: War Paint Scoly, Rock Flower Anemone, Chameleon Acan, Rainbow Acans, Rhodactis Mushroom, Frogspawn Octospawn, Monti Cap, Duncan Coal, Long Tentacle Yellow Plate Fungia, Aussie Gold Torch Coral, Aussie Metallic Green Torch Coral with Yellow Tips, Minty Torch Coral, Blastomussa Coral, Gold Hammer Coral, Green Hammer Coral, Purple Torch Coral, Green Frogspawn, Goniopora Flowerpot Coral, Favia, Galaxea, Rose Bubble TIp Anemone, Rasta Zoanthids, Ring of Fire Zoanthids, Darth Maul Paly, Utter Chaos Paly, Orange Oxide Zoanthid, Candy Apple Red Paly, Sunny D Paly
– Cleanup Crew: Astrea Snails, Trochus Snails
– All Live Rock from Real Reef Rock
– Playing with Gatsby the Corgi (Most Handsome Dog) with the iFetch Too
– Formation Tour at Levi Stadium
– Beyonce’s Lemonade Live in Front Row!
– Reviewing Formation Tour
– Red Sea Max Reef Tank at Night LEDs
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