Corgi Puppy Dog Meets Baby Boy for the first time in this cute Thanksgiving Day Vlog in Seattle. We also go to Snoqualmie Falls, Pikes Place Market, and the Amazon Book Store!

Features of this Episode:

– Incredible View in Seattle
– Corgi Dog on the dock
– Snoqualmie Falls Hike with Gatsby
– Driving through Seattle
– Pike’s Place Market
– Fish Throwing
– Salmon on a stick
– First Starbucks
– Piroshky Piroshky
– Gum Wall
– Amazon Book Store at University of Washington
– Feeding the Ducks with a Corgi on the Dock
– Sunset in Seattle
– Thanksgiving Day Dinner
– Vinny the Baby Meets Gatsby the Corgi
– Halo Belt LED Collar
– Corgi Dog Loves Baby