#Corgi #Dog Tries #IQ Personality Test. Gatsby faces his the biggest challenge of his life, the dognition canine cognition intelligence and personality test, can he stay true to his training or will he be lured to the dark side with delicious treats?

Features of this Episode:

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www.Dognition.com is not a dog intelligence test or a dog IQ test. Cognition is a broader set of mental activities than intelligence.
– Testing: Empathy, Communication, Cunning, Memory, Reasoning
– Testing Empathy Yawn and Eye Contact Test
– Testing Gatsby’s Communication Skills: Communicative vs Self Reliant
– Fall Norcal Corgi Con at Ocean Beach San Francisco
– Hundreds of Pembroke Welsh Corgis & Cardigan Corgis on the Beach
– Corgi Halloween Costumes & Superman Outfit
– Gatsby Corgi Takes Pictures with Fans Feat. Shawnsecrets
– Hundreds of Gatsby Corgi Fans
– Meeting with my friend Vince
– Testing Gatsby’s Cunning (Wily vs Trustworthy)
– Shipping Calendars using Rigid Photo Mailer
– Using a Dymo Shipping Label Printer
– Gatsby Corgi Plays with Tofu French Bulldog
– Testing Gatsby’s Memory (Present-Minded vs Retrospective)
– Revealing Picture from the Calendar & CorgiCon Overview
– Chipotle Dinner
– Testing Gatsby’s Reasoning with Shawnsecrets (Impulsive Vs Logical)
– Gatsby is a Socialite
– Going Pokemon Go Hunting: Drowzee another one!
– Going to Corgi Beach Day in Los Angeles

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