Today I COMPLETE My Nintendo Amiibo Collection! Got Marth, Villager and Shulk! Check out all the Corgi Business too!

Features of this Episode:

– Vacuuming Corgi DOG! (Gatsby the Corgi lets me vacuum him)
– Training dogs to be used to a vacuum
– Amazon Marth Amiibo Restock Unboxing
– Grocery Shopping at Target (Target Haul)
– Corgi Meetup with tons of Corgis running around at the dog park
– Bathtime for Corgi dog
– Villager Amiibo from Amazon (Murabito) unboxing
– Using Villager Amiibo in Mario Kart 8 for Wii U
– Golds Gym Workout (in body engineers tank)
– Trading My MetaKnight Amiibo for a Shulk Amiibo!
– Corgi dog at the park (frisbee)
– Making Bertolli pasta for dinner
– Shulk Amiibo Unboxing (and re-straightening his Monado sword)
– Going to the Container store to get more Amiibo Stands for my display
– My Amiibo Collection is COMPLETE (for now)…. Wave 1-3