Corgi Dog Butt Floats in water, Visiting the YouTube Office with FashionbyAlly, Corgi Q&A, and a special Damn Gatsby: Back at it again with the white paws!

Features of this Episode:

(get 30% off with “Gatsby” promo code) Halo Belt LED belts & Dog Collars
– Testing to see Whether Corgi Butts Float
– Damn Gatsby, Back at it again with the white paws
– Japanese Breakfast: Canadian Bacon, Arabiki Sausage, Eggs, Rice
– Snoozer Dog Beds Carseat
– Going to the Vet for the Yearly Checkup
– YouTube Headquarters in San Bruno for the Opening of the New Building and The Hunger Cafe
– Meeting with FashionByAlly at YouTube
– Touring the YouTube Office
– Aquarium Update (Red Sea Max C-250): New Corals Mint Torch Coral and Chameleon Favia
– Gatsby’s Brother, Winston (what Gatsby’s Brother looks like)
– Golds Gym Workout in Strong Lift Wear
– Corgi Q&A Video answering tons of Questions about Gatsby
– Halo Mini LED Dog Collar
– Dog Park with Great Dane
– Sukiyaki thinly Sliced Beef with Ponzu sauce, Pea Vines, and Rice for Dinner
– Night Time walk with a Corgi
– Aquarium at night: Corals Under Actinic Lights