Food Tour in San Francisco: (#Sanfrancisco) Top #Instagram food spots taste test and reviewed. Including Cruffins at Mr. Holmes Bakhouse, Daily Fruit Toast at Farm : Table, Momos at Bini’s Kitchen, Rosamunde’s Sausage Grill, and Uji Time Taiyaki Ice Cream. Also Gatsby gets his silver YouTube Play Button!

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– Doing a Food tour of San Francisco: The Top Instagramed Foods with my buddy Vince
– Mr Holms Bakehouse Cruffin (Croissant Muffin) Coffee Malt Flavored Taste Test
– Driving around San Francisco in an Electric Fiat
– Farm : Table Fruit Covered Toast
– San Francisco Is SUPER Hipster
– Korean Convenience Store and Rice Beverage
– Himalayan Bini’s Kitchen Momo with Spicy Cilantro Tomato Sauce (Dumplings)
– Rosamunde’s Sausage Grill (Beef Chili and Onions on a Beer Bratwurst)
– Troubles with Driving in SF
– Gatsby the Corgi
– Japan Town Uji Time Taiyaki Green Tea Ice Cream
– Update on Gatsby the Corgi’s Back: He’s recovered!
– YouTube Silver Play Button Unboxing for Gatsby’s Channel GreatGatsbyCorgi!
– CorgiCon Information:
– Working on Gatsby’s New T-Shirt Design
– Bodybuilding Back Workout in Strong Lift Wear
– Playing Catch and Fetch with My Dog
– Doing a Giveaway Comment Question: What Was Your Favorite Food From Today and Why?
– Deleted Footage: Vince and my First Job (Barista at Starbucks and Busboy at Diner)