Here’s My Hunt for the New Nintendo Amiibo Figures (Rosalina, Lucario, Sheik, Toon Link, etc). Don’t Worry, Gatsby the Corgi is all over this video!

Features of this Episode:

– Waking Up Super Early to go to Target to get the Rosalina Amiibo
– Explaining the Exclusive Amiibos (Target gets Rosalina, Best Buy Gets Meta Knight, Gamestop gets Shulk, and Toys-R-Us Gets Lucario)
– Describing My Amiibo Madness Experience
– Explaining the Craze for Amiibos
– Went to Best Buy to get Amiibos
– Best Buy got one Sheik, Four Toon Link, and Eight Bowser Amiibos
– Going to Toys- R-Us to try to get the Lucario Amiibo
– Got Gatsby the Corgi Puppy the Kong Durable Tennis Ball for the iFetch
– Playing with the iFetch Dog Ball Launcher
– Golds Gym Workout
– Driving to Central Park in the Bay Area to go to the Dog Park and Walk around the Lake
– Bringing the Corgi Dog on an Incredible Dog Walk around a Lake
– The Best Dog Park Ever (so large)
– Dogs Playing in the Dog Park
– Gatsby’s First Fan Art from Ari Ramos
– Nintendo and Target announced that they discontinued the Rosalina Amiibo Figures!
– Water Change for the Biocube Salt Water Aquarium
– Steamed Kale for a Night Time Snack with Roasted Sesame Dressing
– Rushing over to Toys-R-Us who got a Shipment of Sheik Amiibos!
– Bought Two Sheik Amiibos
– Unboxing the Sheik Amiibo
– Rare Amiibos