Cook/Make Instant Ramen into a restaurant quality dish! (Can be done with Cup of Noodle Ramen too.) I go Grocery Shopping at the Asian Market, and bring my Corgi to a Dog Birthday Party.

Features of this Episode:

-GATSBY’S BarkBox Link (1 Free Month with 6+ Months):
– Corgi and the Tether Tug Indoor Dog Toy
– Dog Birthday Party (Dog Ice Cream): Yellow Lab, Chocolate Labrador, Great Dane, Boxer, Corgi, Golden Retriever
– Golds Gym Workout in Strong Lift Wear
– Gatsby and the Tether Tug Toy
– Grocery Shopping at Asian Market (Grocery Haul at Mitsuwa): Sukiyaki Beef, Yuki No Kakera Rice, Smoked Pork Belly, Baby Bok Choy, Napa Cabbage
– How to Upgrade your Ramen
– Cooking Ramen: Instant Ramen, Pork Belly, Baby Bok Choy, Soft Boiled Egg
– How to Cook Soft Boiled Egg for Ramen: 6.5 Min in Boiling Water and 3 min in ice water
– Bark Box Haul (unboxing)
– Making Japanese Dinner: Sukiyaki (thinly sliced) Beef, Napa Cabbage (shabu shabu style), Rice, Ponzu Sauce, Shisofumi Furikake