Showcasing My Nintendo Amiibo Collection, Baking the BEST Nutella Brownies, Gym Tips, and another Awesome Corgi Dog Day!

Features of this Episode:

– Corgi Guarding His Amiibos
– Dusting and Cleaning My Amiibo Collection (using compressed air)
– Explaining Amiibos
– Amiibo Showcase from every wave 1-5A
Full Amiibo Collection Video
– Corgi Digging in Bed
– Business Cards Printed for Vidcon
– Dishwasher filled with Protein Bottles
– Golds Gym Workout in Body-Engineers Tank Top
– Gym Tips: Mind-Muscle Connection, and Tilting Hips forward
– Corgi Snuggles when I lay on the ground
– Quick Target Grocery Shopping Run
– Corgi and Dogs play in the Park (w/great dane)
– Chipotle Run for Dinner
– Baking Nutella Brownies Recipe: 13 oz Nutella, 1/2 cup flour, 2 eggs. Bake at 350 for 25-30 min
– BEST Brownies ever